Are you wondering why you are not getting

the promotions, advancements, or sales you deserve?

How to Read & Lead Others for Maximum Results

The Most Comprehensive ‘Soft Skills’ training available today to:

Increase your effectiveness in sales, management, leadership, and relationships (personal and professional) – Guaranteed.


When:  May 16,17, 18th from 9:00am-5:00pm

Where:  655 Skyway #115 San Carlos, CA 94070

(next to the Hiller Aviation Museum).

Because of last years waiting list there are only a few seats left!  Book yours now or call Robert directly at 408-410-8640 with any questions.

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Studio Production Presentation of the ’7 Skills To Have X-Factor At Work’ 

This presentation was delivered as a 1 Hour Key Note given to a SOLD OUT crowd of over 280 Professionals with PMI (Project Management Institute).

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you are already a client or have attended our X Factor or Sales System Workshop you qualify for a HUGE discount of $997 (normally $1,750) if you act now….

In TODAY’S Marketplace:  It’s all about Relationships.

Did you know…

  • The average person has more jobs in 10 years now than they did in a life-time 30 years ago.
  • The average life-time of a CEO is now just 2.75 years.
  • Reductions in work-force, or ‘Pruning’, is now considered a NORMAL business practice.
  • The average employee is working MORE hours than ever before in history with LESS return on that investment.
  • In this day and age, what you don’t know CAN hurt your career.

This is YOUR chance to finally safeguard your career, secure your professional and financial future, and have the power and control in your relationships you want.

This Exciting & Interactive 3 Day Training  ‘How To Lead And Read People for Maximum Results’  will teach & certify you in Basic NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & Personality Profile Matrix Management For Professionals.

Guaranteed the best 'Soft Skills' Training You've Ever Attended

Who is this program for?  Sales Professionals, Managers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and anyone who relies on the ability to influence and lead others.

FACT #1Over 75% of the Attendees from this course last year immediately requested & enrolled for our Professional Coaching or Personal Development bbb-a+-logoprograms using these materials because they wanted more and they realized the value.

It’s that relevant to today’s professional – in fact, knowing the tools and skills taught in this program can literally mean the difference between getting laid off or getting promoted.  In your personal life it can turn your relationship around.

I don’t just say this lightly – in fact, I’m quoting real client experiences post workshop.   It’s that important (and that’s a major reason I am offering the guarantee on this program – I don’t want you to miss out on something that I know will make such a huge difference in your life).

Last year, 100% of attendees rated the course 4.5 or better on a 1-5 scale & 100% said it was like NOTHING they had ever done before.  All of them said they would recommend it -  and many already have.

When:  May 16, 17, 18th 2014

Where:  Professionals Edge New Training Room

655 Skyway #115, San Carlos, CA 94070

Times:  9am-5pm Friday-Sunday

(Optional practice sessions may go longer)

I had heard about the company and some of the workshops Robert has lead at Corporate HQ (Oracle) so I requested he fly out to Reston VA and present a workshop on our last conference day to inspire us, challenge us, and make our team think of new possibilities in effectiveness. It worked! I am receiving calls now from my team members whose excitement has helped them come up with new ideas and an action plan for success in places where we used to just scratch our heads! I am very pleased with the quality of Organizational work your company provides and look forward to having you out again next year!

-Marsha Anderson, Oracle Corporate Contracts Manager


Here’s a List of What You Will Receive

As Part of Your Program…

Day 1:  Scientific Proof that YOU CAN  CHANGE the way you think and feel about ANYTHING…so you can get more of what YOU want.

  • The basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a set of modeling tools.
  • Why it’s a useful tool for executives, managers, and individual contributors in both your personal and professional life. How to model excellence so that you can reproduce the same results in your life.
  • The power of Re-Framing and how to become a master at changing your internal state of mind, so you can stay on your ‘A’ game everyday.
  • How to troubleshoot and recover when things are not going as planned.

DAY 2:  YOUR Unique Personality Profile and How You Can Instantly Know What WILL and WILL NOT Work from now on.

  • Learn your full Personality Profile Matrix (PPM) and fully understand your strengths, weaknesses, and how to leverage yourself for success.
  • Know where you’ll get stuck, go sideways, and get off track and how you can prevent it from happening in the future so you get more results you want.
  • Understanding your PPM will help you reduce stress and get more done in less time.
  • In this section, you’ll receive a complete work-up for yourself and template for understanding your PPM.

Day 3:  The ART of READING & LEVERAGING Others for Fun & Profit.

  • Learn how to read, connect with, and leverage others. Get the skills you want and need to know to motivate and inspire others to take action.
  • You’ll also understand why they resist your leadership and where they will get stuck and go sideways.
  • You’ll then learn what you can do about it. In this section, you’ll practice the real-time skills of reading and assessing others.
  • You’ll also receive a template for making assessments and how to inspire each PPM to take action and stay on track.


  • The core PPPM processes that you’ll use personally and professionally on a daily basis in the background to get exceptional performance and results from yourself and others on a consistent basis.
  • The art of Decontamination and delivering bad news.
  • How to resolve conflicts, dovetail outcomes, and re-frame the thinking of an individual, team, or group so that everybody can win.
  • How to use corrective feedback and action planning to stay on time, scope, and budget with your goals.
  • This is your playbook for professional success that you will use on a daily basis and can share with your team.

Guaranteed the best 'Soft Skills' Training You've Ever Attended

Does Learning How To Read & Lead People help you make more money in less time?  You be the judge…

25 Year Sales Veteran Receives 20% Salary Increase While Cutting Workload over 8 Hours Every Week!

Here’s Marcs story…

As a 25 year Sales Veteran, I can honestly say the information presented in How To Read and Lead people was eye opening – giving me insight to whole other world of ethical influence and persuasion with clients & customers than I have ever know existed before.

To say that it has exceeded my expectations is an understatement.

I now possess a powerful set of tools and skill set that helps me to easily assess and identify the motivations, desires, and wants of others. It allows me to easily and effectively bridges their needs with our services in a way they recognize and appreciate.

Managing professional relationships has never been easier and others appreciate the clarity and connection I now bring to the table.

In fact, since implementing just a few of the best practices in ‘How To Read and Lead People’ I’ve successfully negotiated a 20% salary increase while at the same time cutting my workload by 20%.  It allowed me to literally take an extra day a week off for myself.

-Marc Filosa, Ad Art Sign Company

Who am I and What do I know about How To Read and Lead People?

Robert Harrison, CHT

Robert Harrison, CHT

Robert W. Harrison Founder, Professionals Edge & Bay Area Hypnosis Center

“The Fastest, Easiest, And Most Reliable System For Surviving the 21st Century Career Marketplace!”

Robert Harrison is a Professional Life and Business Coach and serial entrepreneur, owning several businesses. As a ‘Soft Skills’ consultant, he consulted and given workshops at many of the Top Companies in the Bay Area, like Oracle, REACH Fitness, Club One, NEC, Electronic Arts, Corporate Gap, General Dynamics, VISA, and Netscape. He is also an author, speaker, and founder of Professionals Edge Coaching and Consulting.

“At Professionals Edge, we teach a proven system for getting better results with your

Presenting At VISA

Presenting At VISA

communication. It provides clients with the essential tools to read others in powerful way while achieving their mission critical goals and keeping their own life balanced. We specialize in issues dealing with the psychology of personal success such as: how to resolve mental and emotional blocks, how to act more powerfully in the direction you want to go, how to improve productivity, how to resolve conflicts, how to build teams, how to increase connection and rapport with friends, lovers, and co-workers, how to lead others elegantly, how to make better and more effective decisions, and how to be extraordinary at reading and leveraging others for mutual success.”

Robert is a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro -Linguistic Programming, Certified Coach, and Master Trainer Hypnotist. He is also President of the International Hypnotism Consultants Group (IHTC). He holds a B.A. in English. His other businesses include ‘Bay Area Hypnosis Center’ the Bay Area’s largest hypnosis clinic for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress reduction, and habit control and The Hypnotist Academy, where he teaches hypnotists how to get better results and grow their business through the US and abroad. He spent over 8 years working for a non- profit organizations dealing with a variety of psychological and emotional disorders. He helped clients overcome various issues by teaching them that they already have the resources they need within themselves to be successful. He spent 2 years working as an engineer and consultant for a Silicon Valley start –up helping professionals bridge the gap between where they were and where they wanted to be.

“Success is whatever you want it to be. At Professionals Edge, we lead others to success by helping them define, design, and achieve goals that are aligned with what they value most – then take consistent action towards them until they’ve reached and in many cases surpassed their goals. This involves an integral life balance approach necessary for sustainable success and lasting fulfillment.”

So what does Robert know about how to Read and Lead others?  For over 10 years he’s helped thousands of people overcome some of life’s biggest challenges – requiring them to commit, take action, and stay engaged in the process long term in order to get and maintain results. Often, it requires a permanent change in thinking at the highest levels – beliefs and values.

And the results speak for themselves.

Feel free to head over to and see the dramatic results for yourself.  Multiple 100+ pound weight loss success stories, thousands of ex-smokers, countless dramatic behavioral changes that most clients thought were impossible to overcome.  Bottom line – Robert get’s paid for results.

80% of Behavioral Change is understanding the Personality of the client well enough to know how to leverage them and get them from A to B.  Then, it’s knowing HOW to guide them through that process in a way that’s palatable to their nervous system and won’t cause rebellion or sabotage.  You already know this is true when you think about how easily you can say the wrong thing and your meeting or sales presentation suddenly goes down hill.   Understanding the Personality Profile Matrix and Basic NLP gives you the tools and skill set to navigate those murky waters and get consistently better results.  Before you understand this technology you’ll spend the rest of your days wondering why sometimes things seem to go so well and other times it seems to flounder.  The question is, can you afford to keep guessing?

-Robert Harrison, Director Bay Area Hypnosis Center

Guaranteed the best 'Soft Skills' Training You've Ever Attended

Daily Schedule:
9:00am-12:30pm – Morning Session
12:30pm-1:30pm – Lunch
1:30pm – 5:00pm – Afternoon Session
(Optional practice sessions may go longer)


Restaurants within 5 minutes:  Whole Foods, Amicis Pizza, Una Mas, Jamba Juice, Tokyo Star, Yeah Chinese, and Starbucks.

With ‘How To Read and Lead People’, you will have a professional ‘Soft Skills’ skill set unlike any other available today. You will learn how to leverage the power of suggestion. You will learn how to tap into the desires of others. And you will be able to identify what will and will not work with challenging individuals using the Personality Profiling Skills.

We only have a few seats left before we are at capacity…

Guaranteed the best 'Soft Skills' Training You've Ever Attended

SPECIAL NOTE: It’s only $997.00 for PMI members & BAHC Clients (Normally $1,750.00) if you register now – based on availability. Call 650-591-5327 to check availability or reserve your seat.


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