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5 Personal Needs - The Key to Understanding Others

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Give me a group of people and we will put them into 5 easy to understand categories.  For each group we can then tell you two critical pieces of information:

1.  5 Key Attractors: the top 5 leverage points that excite, entice, motivate, and inspire them to take action.

2.  5 Key Stressors : the top 5 deal breakers that will cause them to be annoyed, frustrated, angered, and distrustful.

Why is the so critically important?  Realize this…

In a sales presentation, negotiation, or communication what works beautifully with one type (category) will bomb completely with the other.  There are literally night and day differences that will make or break your next deal.

How is this different than other Personality Profile systems and trainings?

Though there are many types of profiling system’s out there such as Kolbe, DISC, Ennegram, Myers Briggs, Strong Campbell, etc… most are not ‘Water Cooler’ friendly.  When was the last time you joked with a colleague about the ‘profile’ of your customer?  If you have been trained in other systems ask yourself, “Am I really using it on a daily basis?  Does my team reference the personality traits and differences regularly in meetings?  Do I have notes about each personality difference in my client files?  Can I assess these differences on SIGHT alone?”

Most Personality Profiling tools, in our experience, are ‘clunky’ and not very user friendly.  As a result, most other systems are not only costly and expensive in terms of time and money to train, but even more important, most are not being utilized to their full potential (or even hardly at all) on a day to day basis.

The Personality Profile Matrix (PPM), as taught at Professionals Edge, can be taught to a team of individuals in 1 day (as an overview) and used immediately.  It’s extremely accurate, user friendly, and easy to get up and running with in a short period of time.

Case Study #1 – Local Community Bank (with 3 branches) 

  • Phase 1 – Coaching executive team for 3 Months
  • Metric – New Loans written in Commercial Real Estate Market
  • BEFORE – Sales January 2014 – $2,000,000
  • AFTER – Sales January 2015 – $7,000,000

As with any skill, there are of course different degrees of mastery – but the system is designed to quickly and easily enable you and your team to leverage the unique differences of individuals to their fullest potential.

What are the different applications?

Self-Awareness: use the PPM to clearly identify your own strengths & challenges, buffer against natural tendencies and prejudices, ferret out your own hidden agendas, and maximize your effectiveness in all areas of professional (and even personal) communication.

Sales & Negotiation:  use the PPM to identify which points of the sales conversation or negotiation matter the most to your prospective client using both the ‘Key Attractors’ and ‘Key Stressors’ to design your presentation to fit them.  Also, use PPM to identify HOW to deliver the presentation in a way that will feel the best and create the highest degree of agreement and the least amount of resistance possible.

Leadership & Management:  use the PPM identify which positions, partnerships, and team pairings are most likely to succeed and be the most effective and efficient allocation of resources for you company.  Create lasting rapport with many different types of people and instill a greater sense of loyalty, buy in, and alignment with the group’s mission.

Market Analysis & Segmentation: use the PPM to create identify the ‘Ideal Client’ psycho-graphic profile to separate the wheat from the chaff and make sure your team is utilizing it’s time most effectively.

Sales Process & Modeling: use the PPM to identify key gaps between your sales team and your ‘Ideal Client’ PPM so you know which areas of your team to focus on in developing your sales process so it aligns with your ‘Ideal Client’ more effectively.

Case Study #2 – Graphic Arts & Promotional Products  Company 

  • Phase 1 – Coaching executive team for 3 Months
  • Metric – Increase Annual Sales and High End Corporate Client List
  • BEFORE – Annual sales approx. $129,000
  • AFTER – Annual sales approx. $524,000 & added Tesla as client

Where do I begin?

Let’s start with a simple conversation.  There a literally so many areas where the Personality Profile Matrix can save your organization (or yourself) wasted time, money, and effort – that it’s worth doing a simple exploration or your current team, process, and clientele to determine the most impactful place to start.

Give us a call today and we’ll set up a ‘45 minute Complimentary Evaluation’ to learn more about where the Personality Profile Matrix can best assist you (or your team) in meeting your professional and organizational goals.

Whether you are a solo sales person, business owner, or part of a larger company managing a team, we can help you be dramatically more effective with a lot less effort and time.

Case Study #3 – Part-Time Real Estate Agents Seeks To Go Full Time (and quit her day job)

  • Phase 1 – Takes ‘How To Read & Lead People’ 4 Day Course and 1 – Year professional development mentorship.
  • Metric – Increase Annual Sales and earn enough in Real Estate to quit day job.
  • BEFORE – Annual part-time sales approx. $58,700
  • AFTER – Annual part-time sales approx. $163,700

Results Based Guarantee

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