Is it Mind Reading?  Your Clients will wonder how you know…

 How To Read and Lead Others

for Maximum Results

Where:  South San Francisco

When:  April 28,29 & 30th

Time:  10:00am-5:00pm

The Most Cutting Edge Comprehensive ‘Soft Skills’ training available to increase your effectiveness in sales, management, leadership, and relationships – Guaranteed.

Normally $1997

Client Special $997 + Free Gift for Attending


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Day 1: Scientific Proof YOU CAN CHANGE the way you think and feel about ANYTHING…so you can get what YOU want…RIGHT NOW.

• The basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, your unfair advantage.
• Why it’s a useful tool for executives, managers, and individual contributors in both your personal and professional life. Model excellence so you can reproduce the same results in your life.
• The power of Re-Framing and how to become a master at changing your internal state of mind, so you can stay on your ‘A’ game everyday.
• How to troubleshoot and recover when things are not going as planned.

Day 2: YOUR Unique Personality Profile and how to leverage your strengths.
• Learn your Personality Profile Matrix (PPM) and understand your strengths, weaknesses, and how to leverage yourself for success.
• Understanding your PPM will help you reduce stress and get more done in less time.
• You receive a complete work-up for and template for understanding your PPM.

Day 3: The Art of READING & LEVERAGING Others
• Learn how to read, connect, and leverage others
• Learn why they resist your leadership and where they will get stuck and go sideways.
• You’ll practice the realtime skill of reading and assessing others.
• You’ll receive a template for making assessments and how to inspire each PPM Type to take action and stay on track.

“As a 25 year Sales Veteran, How To Read and Lead People gave me the skills of ethical influence and persuasion with clients & customers that I never knew existed before. To say that it has exceeded my expectations is an understatement. Since implementing just a few of the best practices in How To Read and Lead People I’ve successfully negotiated a 20% salary increase while at the same time cutting my workload by 20%. It allowed me to literally take an extra day a week off for myself.”

-Mark Plettner, Corporate Sales

• • •

Learn how to read, connect with, and leverage others.
You’ll learn why people resist your leadership and where they will get stuck and go sideways.

You’ll practice real-time skills of reading and assessing others.

BONUS: The 5 ESSENTIAL MASTER MOVES of a World Class LEADER…you’ll get it.

You’ll receive a template for making assessments and how to inspire each PPM type to take action and stay on track.

Normally $1997

Client Special $997 + Free Gift for Attending


Questions?  Call or TXT Now: 408-410-8640

“This class exceeded my expectations, going beyond what I wanted to learn and experience. I am very pleased with the content and learning from the class, knowing more about the subject matter and myself. The unexpected personal development that I gained from this class can and will help me in every aspect of my life. Whether it is my work, my family, my personal relationship, I will be able to do and achieve more now, knowing what I have learned in this class.”

-Anne Acuna

“Very insightful weekend. Gave great help solving work & personal challenges. Information was useful on many levels and provided insight to how and why we behave the way we do. Very supportive group environment.”

-Bob Suidzinski

“Amazing Class. The things I have learned in this class will not only help me to help others better but it’s made me a better person. Thanks.”

-Steffani Reiman

“Lot’s of hands on experience. Good information in determining a person’s Personality Profile. I totally enjoyed watching the demonstrations of reading and leading participants and the practice sessions with the others.”

-Bob Philbsen

“It Worked! I had heard about the company and some of the workshops Robert has lead at Corporate HQ (Oracle) so I re- quested he fly out to Reston VA and present a workshop on our last conference day to inspire us, challenge us, and make our team think of new possibilities in effectiveness. I am receiving calls now from my team members whose excitement has helped them come up with new ideas and an action plan for success in places where we used to just scratch our heads! I am very pleased with the quality of Organizational work your company provides and look forward to having you out again next year!”

-Marsha Anderson Oracle Contracts Manager

“This workshop was worth every minute. I have the tools and attitude to achieve my goals and the purpose to help drive it all the way past the finish line. I strongly recommend Robert’s training to everyone.”

-Chris Colgin, D.C.

“Your workshop taught me how to make my life more balanced, how to acheive goals and what action setps to take that will work.”

-Kim Martin

“I feel more in touch with myself and my deeper goals and motivations. I’m more connected now and see talents and abilities that I didn’t know I had

before. I feel I can make steps to realize my plans at work and it’s giving me more enthusiasm and energy to succeed.”

-Colin Gould

“Wow – $105,000 in extra profits the first year! This class was hugely insightful and allowed me to deepen my relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. The biggest bang for my buck was the Personality Profiling that provided me with the tools to quickly assess and get into rapport with the clients I meet – resulting in more business and better relationships. In the last year my real estate business has increased 283% in volume and my income has jumped from $58,700- $163,700. I directly relate this to training I have received with Robert and the workshop ‘How To Read and Lead People’. ”

-Karen Neuer

More Undisputable FACTs: Over 75% of the Attendees from this course immediately requested & enrolled for our Professional Coaching or Personal Development programs.

Skills taught in this program can literally mean the difference between getting laid off or getting promoted. In your personal life it can turn your relationship around.

100% of attendees rated the course 4.5 or better on a 1-5 scale.

Normally $1997

Client Special $997 + Free Gift for Attending


Questions? Call or TXT Now: 408-410-8640