Use the power of NLP to go from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’

2016 NLP Practitioner Certification Training in partnership with NLP of California

with Tim Hallbom, Kris Hallbom, and Robert HarrisonNLP-Coaching-California-MarkAndreas.com_

At the Bay Area Hypnosis Center you have access to one of the most respected and honored NLP Institutes in the country – NLP of California. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the founders Tim & Kris Hallbom for over 20 years.

Tim & Kris are some of the most respected and highly skilled NLP trainers in the

International NLP Trainer & Author Tim Hallbom

International NLP Trainer & Author Tim Hallbom


After over 15 years of wanting to work with Tim & Kris, late one night I was up at 2:00am, sitting in bed, and thinking about my life when something amazing happened. To this point, I had consistently, for over 5 years, had more clients every day than I could possibly see. They way we were working, we had reached our limit of what we could do to help others one on one. I’m glad we built the company that way. It helped us refine our program to get consistently exceptional results in the area of weight loss, smoking cessation, and stress reduction.

It was already blessed – but had a desire to do more group teaching, particularly NLP.

So, as I sat there thinking, “I really want to do more group training.” I heard a ding on my phone. Normally my phone would be on silent but for some reason

International NLP Trainer & Author Kris Hallbom

International NLP Trainer & Author Kris Hallbom

the volume was on that night. It was an instant message on Facebook from Tokyo, Japan. Tim & Kris had written me, saying “We have an offer for you that we know you will love.” The next day, we met on the phone and they asked me to train at NLP of California with them.

On this page, there are two introductory videos to NLP that will explain what it is, how it works, and why it’s the backbone of every program I have built over the years. Whether it’s hypnosis, corporate sales training, personal development, etc NLP is an invaluable set of tools, skills, and observations that be used just about every area of your life to get better results in less time with less effort and less hassle. I encourage you to discover more…

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San Francisco Bay Area Course Dates

NLP & Board Certified Hypnosis Trainer, Director of BAHC -  Robert Harrison

NLP & Board Certified Hypnosis Trainer, Director of BAHC – Robert Harrison

Module 1: Oct. 7-9, 2016

Module 2: Nov. 4-6, 2016

Module 3: Dec. 2-4, 2016

Module 4: Jan. 13-15, 2017

Module 5: Feb 10-12, 2017


Friday: 1:00pm – 5:30-6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am to 5:30pm
Sunday:   10:00am to 5:00pm


Hilton Garden Inn
670 Gateway Blvd.
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Room Reservations: 650.872.1515


(or 5 monthly payments of $539)

When you learn NLP you join a very special community of professionals from many walks of life, and even countries who share a love of learning more about patterns of human behavior.

When you learn NLP you join a very special community of professionals from many walks of life, and even countries who share a love of learning more about patterns of human behavior.

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What is NLP & How does it work?

Watch this video and learn more:

What are the Presuppositions of NLP?

Watch this video and learn more:

Key Benefits of this Amazing 15 day training

  • Learn 50+ strategies for creating and maintaining states of personal excellence.
  • Master 6 specific things that you can do to to build great relationships with any person, even with difficult people.
  • Learn 21 ways to read the unconscious physical signals that other people send in conversation, and be able to respond accordingly.
  • Learn tried-and-true methods for keeping yourself motivated (modeled from highly successful people) that you can implement even when you are having a hard time getting yourself going.
  • Greatly improve your ability to listen as others speak and speak so others will the automatic and unconscious level.
  • Acquire 10 ways to influence and inspire others just by changing the words you use and how you say them.
  • Learn “Psycho-Geography” – the hidden parts of communication Tim discovered that can make all the difference in a powerful communication.
  • Really understand how to give feedback that people will accept and appreciate.
  • Maximize your efficiency at any task so you can accomplish more in less time.
  • Dramatically reduce conflict in your life by gaining an understanding of how others see the world and why they act the way they do.
  • Learn how to reframe setbacks into learning opportunities.
  • Tap an internal source of unlimited patience … for your kids, your difficult clients and coworkers, and even for daily frustrations, like bumper-to-bumper traffic.
  • Rid yourself of mental blocks that are inhibiting your performance.
  • Attract the things you really want in life without conscious thought or effort.
  • Conquer lifelong fears and phobias (in as little as 15 minutes).
  • Wipe away self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching new heights of personal and professional success.
  • Masterfully mediate any conflict by finding win-win solutions in seemingly impossible situations.
  • Use eye movement integration to eliminate emotional blocks and fears.
  • Learn how to apply NLP processes to health issues.
  • Recover more quickly from mental and physical traumas greatly enhancing your quality of life, as well as potentially saving thousands of dollars in medical treatments.
  • Learn proven methods to achieve rapid – and lasting – change.
  • Boost your happiness and self-esteem and watch the world react positively to those changes.
  • Deepen the special bond with your spouse or significant other by opening the lines of communication and understanding.
  • Manage your emotional states so you can quickly shift from a bad mood to a sunny attitude.
  • Achieve unlimited success by replicating patterns of excellence found in some of the most successful people in the world.
  • Learn how to communicate with more credibility while remaining approachable.
  • Achieve greater professional success.
  • Increase the love, respect and support in your relationships.
  • Help yourself evolve as an individual.
  • Learn things more quickly and retain your knowledge longer.
  • Express yourself more clearly and learn to better persuade others to see your point of view.
  • Communicate and build rapport with anyone in any situation.
  • Help your children succeed in school, sports, and friendships.
  • Help people recover from trauma within minutes, rather than years.
  • Assist others in overcoming mental blocks that limit their success.
  • Learn and adopt the proven techniques used by the world’s most successful people to build their fortunes.
  • Discover the way to accomplish any goal you set and perhaps some you didn’t realize you had.
  • Gain tools to produce rapid and lasting change.
  • Learn to build rapport, mediate and negotiate with anyone.
  • Discover the easiest, most predictable path to achieving your dreams.
  • Gain powerful methods for replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

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